ive been working with John Cole for 3 or 4 years now and i have always found him to be the consummate professional : cheerful, prompt and always going above and beyond the the required work. He is an asset to any team. i could not recommend him highly enough!

steve kilbey (the church) bondi beach australia jan 2013

Heartwood Guitar

John Cole is the perfect mix of skill, reliability, and – that rare quality in developers – excellent communication. Finding him among a crowd of mediocre WordPress developers was a turning point for my business.

Rob Hampton


John was initially hired by our marketing consultant to build web tools for our new branding and communications strategies. From the start, he listened to what we needed from the technology and the user experience requirements then he built one bang up web platform for us. John has continued to be a valuable asset for tweaks and evolutions of technology. We’re big fans.

Glenn Gadbois
Movability Austin

Yetter Coleman LLP

I had the very good fortune to have John Cole recommended to me several years ago during a stressful website outage for our law firm. He immediately jumped in, resolved our issue quickly, and had us back up and running in no time. As a marketing professional with zero technical skills, I have come to trust and rely upon John for all of my website consultation and programming assistance, and he regularly exceeds my expectations in terms of professionalism, service and support. Whether you’re in a pinch, or have a programming project that you need thoughtful and efficient programming for, you won’t find anyone better than John Cole.

Kate Reynolds
Director Of Client Service
Yetter Coleman LLP


We had a website that was little more than a listing of our services and contact information.

John helped us capture presentations and workshops that we were giving locally and built a platform where speech pathologists can take our courses remotely throughout the U.S. Now our staff members are not only receiving praise on a state and national level but we are able to build on our work cumulatively and continue to receive revenue.

Better than that, he helped us build the framework behind the website so that my staff could upload and initiate changes. This brought a lot of knowledge into the office and dramatically reduced cost because we are in control of most of the process. We are now launching online courses, e-books, books, an ipad app, webinars, a blog,… I could go on and on.

Scott Prath
Vice President
Bilinguistics Speech and Language Services